💰 Market Analysis 10/04/2019 💰

YES YES……I am back with another market analysis. This time I am focusing on the Bitcoin pairs (BTC and BCH SV). Need a way to stay patient in these markets? head over to the Pineapple Chicken blog 💪🏾👨🏾‍🏫



BTC/USD – I have been trying to avoid doing a BTC/USD analysis, as I see so many ideas and market analysis on TradingView. Today I am bitting the bullet as a warning for all buyers in the BTC market. Honestly, if you think you should buy at this price you have lost your mind. The current price overvalued and needs a pullback to test the VWAP level which is $5000 (Yellow Line). $5000is a solid “round number” and if you believe we will continue to move up towards $6000 I am sorry to say that will not happen for a while. I have highlighted the key value area (GREEN BOX), and if you look at my extreme deviation band in white, you can see we are right at the extreme of buying price. Be patient and let the hype die down until you buy back into this uptrend.

“VWAP is your base institutional price. Always measure your trades from this price, because this is what the institutions are doing” – Nathaniel


BCH/USD – Ok! before you state that I have the wrong Bitcoin Cash, I don’t doubt there are debates between ABC and SV. I think that SV is true to the Bitcoin whitepaper which means in my personal opinion SV is Bitcoin Cash. Plus there is more opportunity to buy at the right value ( VWAP ) with BCH SV . As of writing, we are right on the VWAP level at $80.00, and before today we had entered into the value area (GREEN BOX). There is an exciting opportunity to buy BCH SV for cheap, and I would hold this buy order for at least a 15% rise in price to $92.00. I do not doubt this current bullish trend we will break the $92.00 price, but you will need to remember that BCH ABC & SV are correlated with the FAT overpriced older brother BTC. Once BTC starts moving again, both ABC and SV will begin to rise.

“Stay away from buying BTC, my fellow readers and traders. When you look at the underlying technology BCH ABC and SV do what BTC can do, and they are valued at a much lower price. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED” – Nathaniel

Next update will be in the coming week – Thank you for your love and support.

To make my life easier I have built a custom pine script indicator on Tradingview, which gives me an indication of where the value price is based on the criteria I used for my market analysis. Watch this space :-), but I think it is publicly available already, so be my guest and use or enhance the indicator. Just let me know if you make any improvements as it could help me as well.


Nathaniel – “THe BiPolar TraDer” 👨🏾‍🎓👨🏾‍💻
Little Big Movement

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  1. Great update. I am leaving my money in your safe hands!

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