💶 Market Analysis 09/04/2019 💶

Before we get started with the market analysis check out my weekend post HERE

Now let’s get down to the good stuff 👨🏾‍🏫


EUR/USD – Probably one of the most borning markets at the moment. What you need to remember is this market is still in a long term downtrend and I would be looking to sell within this pairing at the 1.13200. If you feel like you can’t wait and want to jump in earlier the best price is the older VWAP @ 1.12800. Price has already bounced off this price but looks weak so I stand by waiting for the price to pull back to 1.13200. With price still close to the Monthly VWAP we seem to be having a very slow week in the forex market. Stay patient Traders/Readers, because once the price moves you will be able to catch the next wave.



LTC/USD – Below you should be able to see the related idea where I had stated that any price below the VWAP is a great buy area for LTC. At the moment I do not see the LTC price dropping very far below the VWAP, but if it does make sure you have your buy orders ready below $84.00. Remember I am not here to predict which direction the price is going because that would not provide you with the information you really need. It is about the timing and staying patient to buy when the price is right in this strong uptrend. 6th of April saw the price of LTC hit the extremes of price at $97.00, where the green candle has hit my deviation bands twice. It looks like the price is struggling to break the $100, but when it does we will be heading towards prices between $120-130

Next update will be in the coming week – Thank you for your love and support.


Nathaniel – “THe BiPolar TraDer”
Little Big Movement

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