👨🏾‍🏫Midweek Market Analysis 03/04/2019👨🏾‍🏫

With a fresh new approach to market analysis and my new drive to continue on this journey towards becoming a great trader, you can now find my market analysis on Tradingview 👀

While you can continue to follow me on my blog, it would be great if you would like my ideas on TradingView or follow me on the Tradingview platform. Don’t worry the blog will still have the great content I place on Tradingview and more 👊🏾

Cryptocurrency – Litecoin (LTC)


Don’t get the moon boots out just yet. These huge moves move in the last two day within the cryptocurrency market has not come as a surprise to me. Looking at any cryptocurrency since the start of the year we have been in a solid uptrend. Don’t listen to the crypto-sheep as the “smart money” has been buying up cryptocurrency. For the reversal traders, it is time to go and hide for a little while. There needs to be a pullback to the area between $93.00 – $83.00 which means the trend traders will be looking to jump back on the bull train. As of writing the LTC price hit $100 (21:16 BST) and is falling back down to the $93.00 price.

The VWAP at this point is playing catchup but is slowly rising into the middle of the area I have outlined above. This Bear market might be over but make sure you keep up to date with these extreme prices. What goes up must come down

Forex – USD/JPY

USD/JYP chart uptrend has slowed down, with the market bouncing on either side of the VWAP for the last month. If you are a reversal trader, you have two value points which I would consider decent entries. 112.00 will provide some possible resistance to the upside, but I would be more inclined to take a position at the 113.00 price. For the trend traders, you should sit tight for a little while as the price is currently above the VWAP . If there is a pullback between 111.00 – 110.00 this would be a good area to buy, for a push to the upside. Below 110.00 is downtrend territory and trend traders should look for shorts

Next update will be this weekend with more cryptocurrency and Forex pairs to analyse – Thank you for the love and support


Nathaniel – “THe BiPolar TraDer”
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